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Our Youth Group (combined Jr. High & High School) meets Wednesday night from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM and Sunday Mornings. We also do camping trips, lock-ins, and a mission trip to Mexico. Youth Group is at the Trinity Campus. The Youth Room is located across from the Gym in the green building. Bring your Bible.

Vision Statement: Growing our youth on the solid foundation of Jesus to stand firm against temptation, equipping them with the knowledge of the forgiving love of Jesus, and share this love with those around them is the heart of what we’re about. Ultimately, our goal is through the Word of God, worship, one on one mentoring, and fun to train up and inspire the next generation of youth from Trinity Lutheran Church to be pastors, teachers, missionaries, martyrs, and radical Christ followers in the LC-MS (passionate for the Lord, whether in called vocational ministry or in another chosen profession) to take the whole gospel to Redding, to all of California, and the ends of the Earth. Vital to our efforts is the involvement of parents. Parents play the number one role in the faith formation of their children.

Trinity Youth Group :Vision for Wednesday

I. Play (6:30PM – 7:00PM) – Games & Fun – Relationships are being formed and Mentors are loving youth, counseling them on life, encouraging them in walking out a great destiny.

II. Gathering(7:00PM – 7:30PM) – Announcements/Opening Prayer – Update on Activities – Sharing Prayer Requests, Praising God for Answered Prayers

III. Teaching/Worship (7:30PM – 8:00PM) – Bible Study, Worship, Prayer/Praise

Ministry Plan: In order to accomplish our mission we embrace & live out the following values

I. Spiritual Transformation – We value the ongoing growth of the believer through Teaching/Worship/Fellowship – Acts 2:42-46

II. Discipleship Through One on One Mentoring – Mature peers walking in holiness & the gospel influence other youth to live in the grace & ways of Jesus. In other words, Youth are discipling Youth + College students & adult parental volunteers mentoring & discipling youth – Romans 1:12

III. Evangelistic Atmosphere – Authentic, Relevant, Safe, for Lost to Come & Be Found. Non-Christian friends welcomed and loved where they’re at – Luke 15, 19:9

IV. Fun/Feasting – Christianity is an adventure not a somber affair (though there is a time for everything: mourning & fasting too) We model the Christian life after Jesus who was approachable by people far from God and partied as well as prayed. The miracle of water to wine and the homecoming of the Prodigal son reveal Jesus, true man, true God who loves people, enjoys life and has fun. John 2

V. Healing – Through an encounter with the love of God and atmosphere of healing and safety is created. Youth know they are loved and can therefore open up and share their lives, confess sin, share forgiveness, and receive prayer for wounds to heart and body. – James 5:16

VI. Equipping – Youth are encouraged to have a strong relationship with Jesus, know God’s word, understand different ways to draw near to God through scripture, hymns, Lord’s Prayer, Creeds, , Confession, prayer (daily devotions). Throughout they are given a missionary mindset where they see themselves as ambassadors of Christ in their schools, jobs, and any future atmosphere. All youth know the Gospel like the back of their hand & joyfully share it without even realizing they’re doing anything. The goal is contagious, mature faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. John 15, 2 Tim 2:1-3, Matt 28:18-20

VII. Missions/Outreach – After being equipped, Youth in response to the compelling love of Jesus Christ actively love others in practical ways. In outreaches, youth are given opportunities to go further and participate on a ground level beyond the ways they act as ambassadors outside of church & youth group. – The Lot, Angel Tree, Bell Ringing, Mission Trips, Loaves and Fishes, Nursing Home Outreach w/ Kegels– I John 4:19.

VII. Authenticity – TYG is a place to be real with God and others Psalm 62:8, John 15:12-15



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