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We believe that God calls us to make disciples of all people. We are to help all men, women, and children grow in knowledge and in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is "Lifelong Disciples of Jesus"

Our ministry is extended to our church membership, to our preschool, to our local community, and to wherever we are called.

We will strive to strengthen each individual member’s knowledge and faith in God’s ever present love and forgiveness as revealed through Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We will share this loving grace with the community at large. Christian family life will be the focal point of our efforts. We will promote Christian out-reach through our worship, Bible studies, music, devotions, Sunday School, Pre-school, Elementary school, and all congregational organizations.  

We have faith that through the power of the Holy Spirit our efforts will be successful.

       As a congregation we value the following and seek to promote and shape our work according to these “Core Values”

God’s Word is our top priority.

Living our Faith out in thought, word and deed is our response to God’s great love for us.    

Lutheranism in its historical witness of keeping Jesus central is the life of our church.   

Christian Education as a means for us to pass on the faith to the next generation, our community and the world through mission activities and evangelism.     

Human Care as a way for us to encourage and support the membership of our congregation through the challenges and changes of life.     

Music Ministry as a means for us to worship God and sing His praises boldly as His people.     

Lay Leadership as gifts used by God to encourage His people to carry out His Mission and Ministry.


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